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Many businesses network already, but having complementary services joined together in the same place to form a Mall of choices is genius. So more and more businesses and facilities are teaming up to provide advanced and comprehensive customer service. In regards, due to the growing concern for the future of our healthcare delivery system, this also makes sense. You can find groups that provide a wide range of health services in one stop. A great example is that of Cosmetic, Medical and service providers, who are committed to providing patients with consistent, high-quality care. Having Board Certified staff, highly trained specialists from many backgrounds - such as General Surgery, Internal Medicine, Vascular, Transplant Surgery, Interventional Radiology, Orthopedics, Podiatry, Chiropractic, and many more could be a compounding benefit with untold gains. When businesses are unified by the same philosophy - building lifelong relationships and providing high quality personal care to you.


One of the newest trends in health care is providing convenience to patients by having multiple providers, bringing medical care closer to your community. Having more convenience in one location, free parking, extended hours (evening & weekend), same day walk-in appointments with multiple specialty services in one place. Don't waste another day running from place to place. We are not an on-line consult company, call now for the nearest location to you 724 987 3221.

Pittsburgh Medical Mall

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Referring quality professionals, is an overall solid win for your clientele and a GREAT MARKETING STRATEGY for you.


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